WWE Workout Series

WWE Workout Series is a series of WWE fitness exercises, released December 2, 2014 on DVD in Region 1. The Workout series was designed by Joe DeFranco and based on similar training he designed for Paul Levesque ( better known as Triple H). Stephanie McMahon. Unlike other versions of WWE Home Video, the Workout series has nothing to do with professional wrestling or WWE studios, but rather with fitness.

Levesque is the men’s WWE Power Series coach while McMahon is the women’s WWE Fit Series coach. The two Workout Series videos take place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., And use the talents of NXT. In their respective workout videos, Levesque and McMahon discuss the challenges they face (Levesque’s career in the ring that is ending and McMahon passes three pregnancies) and who need to get back in shape. Both have hired a renowned coach, Joe DeFranco, to regain his fitness and decide to develop similar training plans for the general public. Aside from the archive training clips, DeFranco does not appear in the Workout series videos. The two videos of the Workout series contain a warm-up video and a series of exercises, as well as a calendar to follow to get fit.

The Workout series has received mixed reviews, most negative feedback from wrestling fans who, although the series has nothing to do with wrestling and its Triple H theme in the Power Series, believe the series to be based on kayfabe and associated with the heel L’Authority faction, which includes Levesque and McMahon on WWE television. More positive reviews were made by fans who are not wrestlers, who said that Lévesque and McMahon are both good coaches and are willing to help spectators get in shape. Other comments also praised the way that with the exception of dumbbells, the Workout Series does not require the purchase of fitness equipment. Winfield’s Caliber from Renegade Cinema has praised the series, saying it’s a fantastic set for beginners, although more experienced bodybuilders might find it lacking.

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