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World Fit is a program of the USOC (USOC) and USOP (Olympians and Paralympians Association) to promote the fitness and ideals of the Olympics to schoolchildren through fitness programs for children and childhood obesity. programs. World Fit is part of the largest global network for the prevention of obesity, EPODE International Network

World Fit was founded by three Olympic athletes: US Olympic and Paralympic athletes adopt schools for life, promote a health and fitness culture for children, inspire students about the importance of health and fitness, and promote the Olympic values ​​of perseverance, respect and fair play. Approximately 7,000 US Olympians and Paralympians are recruited by the USOP to adopt at least one school and talk to their students every year about the importance of fitness activities and a healthier lifestyle, and promote school walking programs. Olympic athletes and Paralympic athletes encourage students to participate in the World March, which takes place every spring on the school campus, where students, teachers and family walk every day for six weeks.

The World Fit Program includes the following for Kids School Fitness programs:

Each Olympic athlete or Paralympic athlete has up to three schools in the area where he lives, and adopts Schools for Life, for children’s fitness programs.

A daily program of school walks, where the number of kilometers traveled, run or run is recorded daily and totaled for children’s fitness programs.

The World Fit organization offers teachers prepared lessons on the following topics:

An online social media community that facilitates the participation of Olympians, families and American students in a physical education project.

Students who reach a minimum of 10 miles per week receive a certificate for their achievement signed by the Olympic athlete or Paralympic athlete, sports director and school principal. Twenty-five Olympic style medals are given to each participating school to reward their best students in educating children’s fitness programs.

The pediatric research department of the Miami Miller University School of Medicine provides studies and analysis of the results of the World Fit Program.

World Fit is supported by the following US Olympic and Paralympic athletes

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