Water fasting

Water fasting is a type of fasting in which the practitioner consumes only water. One may water fast for a variety of reasons, including medical and religious requirements.

Jains maintain a strict water-only fast for 8-10 (digambar & Swetambar) days, during the days of Paryushan.

Roman Catholics must commit to the eucharistic fast, which is a water fast before receiving the Eucharist during the Mass. While not being dispensed with, they are permitted, where they are required, and those whose health problems are dispensed from the obligation. Up until the Second Vatican Council, this event was required from the previous midnight, as it was in various Orthodox Churches. However, under Pope Paul VI, the obligatory fast was reduced to one hour before receiving the Eucharist. The Catholic Church has also been promoted to Black Fast, in which in addition to water, bread is consumed. Typically, this form of fasting is only used by morals and asceticism,

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