Tongue Patch Diet

Tongue Patch Diet (also known as the Weight Reduction Patch, Chugay Patch and Miracle Patch) is a diet that involves a certain amount of eating and eating. After being launched in 2009 by Nikolas Chugay, the diet was criticized by health experts and media outlets.

Tongue Patch Diet was developed by Chugay, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, in 2009. Chugay got the idea of ​​the diet from a friend who was doing a similar procedure in Mexico. Chugay introduced the tongue patch as an alternative to invasive weight loss methods such as gastric bypass or Lapband surgery. In 2011, a similar procedure was introduced in Venezuela. However, the procedure is more popular in Venezuela as compared to the USA. As of 2014, Chugay is the only one in the US that offers this treatment and has been approved by FDA.

In the Tongue Patch Diet, a patch is stitched to the tongue of the dieter to make the consumption of solid food painful. The patch is made of Marlex, a polymer compound of polypropylene and high-density polyethylene. The procedure for stitching the patch takes ten minutes. Since consuming solid food is painful, the dieter has to resort to a restrictive 800-calorie liquid only diet developed by Chugay. The patch can be removed any time by snipping the sutures. However, it should be removed within a month. Some patients have had the mesh in place up to 60 days without effect. In the following, the patient takes antibiotics for minimizing the risk of infection with antiseptic mouth wash to decrease the bacterial count. According to Chugay, the diet can help a patient in reducing 30 pounds in one month. Chugay and his son Paul Chugay published a study in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery that said 70 percent of their patients lost an average of 16 pounds and kept it off for eight months.

Patients may have a swollen tongue or difficulty after 72 hours after the procedure. Chugay claims that the diet has no severe effects or side effects. Criticism of the diet has had a negative impact on it. Others have claimed that the patch could dislodge and go down the throat and cause an airway obstruction. However, these claims have not been substantiated by evidence. Paul Chugay. A retrospective chart review was performed on patients who underwent the tongue patch procedure from 2009 to 2013. Complications were also identified from the patient charts and analyzed. The study was published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and concluded that ”

After being launched, the diet has received considerable media attention. A lot of health experts criticized the diet. Robert Huizenga called the diet “a primitive approach.” Many media outlets have reviewed the diet negatively with Good Magazine writing that “in essence it’s nothing more than a modern version of the jaw shut, forcing the” patient “to literally starve themselves.” and Glamor writing “Yikes! Does this seem like a good idea to anybody?”

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