Skinny Bitch Fitness

Skinny Bitch Fitness is a series of fitness DVDs from Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, authors of the book Skinny Bitch. The DVDs were released in 2008. Skinny Bitch Fitness: Boot Camp is the first in the series. The 50 minute main workout mixes fast-paced, non-stop cardio routines with some stretching and light weight work. The exercises include punches, lunges, squats, twists and jumping jacks and shuffle drills. Also included on the DVD are five 5 minute workouts, called “five-by-fives”, followed by a yoga routine. Skinny Bitch Fitness: Body includes four 15-minute segments working a different body part. Each workout includes a short warm-up, and a few stretches following the workout. The segment for abs begins with standing step touches and twists to warm up, followed by oblique crunches and active triangle pose moves, along with lunges with knee ups that help improve balance. The floor work is more challenging, with crunches for the upper and lower abs, some oblique work, and planks. The segment for abs is followed by the section for legs, consisting of a series of leg moves from the floor. The segment for arms consists of punches, speed-bag moves and throwing elbows. The workout for buttocks features squats, and squats jumping in and out, some box-step moves, a Brazilian martial arts segment, one-legged deadlifts and lunges. At the end is a segment for meditation, lasting five minutes. Skinny Bitch Fitness: Booty Bounce is a dance-routine with several options, building to a cardio workout that targets the rear and the core. The routines include a comprehensive warmup, and then a choice of an ’80s-based aerobics routine or a more contemporary hip-hop workout, which can be combined or done separately. Extras include interviews and outtakes with Friedman and Barnouin and an interview with the mastermind behind the routines, fitness trainer Patrick Goudeau.

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