Sit-up (or straightening) is a commonly used abdominal endurance training exercise to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. It is similar to a crunch (the crunches target the rectus abdominus and also work the external and internal obliques), but the sit-ups have a greater range of motion and condition the extra muscles.

It starts with lying on the floor with your back, usually with your arms on your chest or your hands behind your head and your knees bent to try to reduce the stress on your back and spine muscles, then raise the vertebrae upper and lower. the ground until everything above the buttocks does not touch the ground. Some argue that situps can be dangerous because of high compression lumbar load and can be replaced by crunch in exercise programs. Bodybuilding exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups do not cause fat reduction. Winning a “six pack” requires both training for abdominal muscle hypertrophy and fat loss on the abdomen, which can only be done by losing body fat as a whole.

Movement can be facilitated by moving arms away from the head. Typical variations to achieve this include crossing the arms to place the palms on the front of the shoulders and extending the arms down to the sides with the palms on the floor. The “Arm on the shoulders” variant is also used to facilitate the inclination of the incline. More intense movement is achieved by weighted sit-ups, inclining sit-ups with the arms behind the neck, and even more by correcting the weighted slope.

Full sit-ups can cause back pain and a lower back arch, which increases the risk of back injury. Many experts advise against doing sit-ups.

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