Shuai Shou Gong

Shuai Shou Gong () is a hand swing exercise launched by Taiwan Qigong (气功) Standing with both legs apart about the same width as the shoulder, Shuai Shou Gong involves moving both arms in parallel. the body until they are at the same height as the shoulder, then swinging the arms with a little effort until both arms are behind the body.On the fifth lap, the knee must lower slightly and return quickly – once the arms are swinging towards the back of the body and another on the back towards the front of the body.This exercise should be performed 3 times a day and last at least 10 minutes each time .It will help improve blood circulation and start the healing process It is recommended to avoid drinking cold water immediately after exercise Shuai Shou Gong is supposed to cure many ailments, including cancer, with Anecdotal cases reported in Taiwan, but there is a lack of urine r examined the evidence to support these claims, which are probably attributable to the placebo effect.

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