The glove is a form of physical exercise based on the use of a hammer that has been wrapped in a sweater or otherwise padded. The shovel is used for shoveling, butter churning and wood cutting, among others. These natural movements are meant to be part of a functional training program. Reinhard Engels, the inventor of Shovelgloving, advocates Shovelgloving for 14 minutes a day. He explains the 14-minute rationale as follows: “It’s a minute less than the smallest chronologically significant time unit: no calendar has a finer granularity than 15 minutes, no one Never have a meeting that starts at 5, 10 or 14 A few minutes before or after the hour, you have no excuse not to do it: in time, it does not even register. However, he recommends beginners to start with less than 14 minutes.

: ” “I did not want to do sit-ups or pushups, I did not want to roll on my stomach like a degraded beast.” There must be some kind of movement that I can do standing, with the dignity of a human being, I thought, a natural and interesting movement that my body would like to do. -Reinhard Engels

Reinhard Engels was interviewed on Shovelgloving by the Healthy Planet Show airing on WAIF 88.3 FM in Cincinnati.

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