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Shazzy Fitness is a series of fitness DVDs focused on Christian dance. This faith-based start-up business was created by Kristy McCarley in 2012. Shazzy Fitness is an aerobic dance and workout program. The music of the training is mainly Christian hip-hop and Christian rock. Their fitness program is mainly distributed by DVD. However, they offer content via online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Early level workouts are designed to form muscle groups and offer a combination of isometric and isometric dance exercises as well as cooling. The intermediate DVD offers the same features, but is geared toward dance enthusiasts by offering more advanced dance moves.

In 2012, McCarley decided to pursue an idea she had had for a long time: leading local dance fitness classes that used only Christian music. She wanted to create the same passion and excitement that Zumba evoked in her clients, but using only fast Christian dance music. After further review, Kristy McCarley decided that local courts were not the best way to go at that time. The idea eventually evolved into a structured video fitness program. Shazzy Fitness was named after the story of the Hebrew prophet, Daniel. Kristy says, “Since it’s faith-based training, I wanted to name it after someone who represented strength in faith. I chose Daniel because he is an excellent example of true faith in incredible circumstances. His Babylonian name is Belteshazzar but it’s a bit long, so I cut it off to Shazzy. ”

Instructors include Apollo Levine, Vera Musgrove and Leslie Alison. Apollo Levine is a professional actor, choreographer, dancer and musician. He has worked on such notable shows as Dreamgirls, Ragtime and Smokey Joe’s CafĂ©. In May 2014, Apollo is making history by becoming the first African-American actor to star in the original Broadway-style show “The Monkey King” based in Beijing, China. Apollo is also the lead singer of rock band SteppHeavy, based in McDonough, GA.Vera Musgrove is a five-year veteran and former captain of the A-Town Dancers of the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA. Vera has over 20 years of dance training and stage experience. She has performed at special events, including the Purple Ribbon Artist, and the BET Hip Hop Awards and has also performed for artist Bobby Valentino. In December 2011, Vera completed a tour with drama production called DRUMLine Live where she served as captain. Leslie Alison, former captain of the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team, and now owner of Classix Dance Productions. Classix Dance Productions is a dance fitness company for people aged 50 and over, which is home to Atlanta’s official ATL Silver Classix Crew.

Shazzy Fitness DVDs have generally received favorable reviews. The Chicago Sun Times and Video Librarian praise him for his easy and energetic choreography. Some critics have commented that it may be a little too easy. Rolling Out Magazine, a magazine of news and lifestyle, appreciated him for his Christian orientation and his innovative dance moves.

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