Prehab, or prehab, a form of bodybuilding, aims to prevent injuries before the actual event. Since rotator cuff and elbow injuries, among others, are common among athletes engaged in a wide variety of sports, training the muscles around these vulnerable joints can prevent injury from wear and tear. a repeated effort. Prehab can be applied to people waiting for orthopedic surgery. The intention is that the better they are, the faster they recover from surgery. The massage and strengthening exercises are patient-specific so that even those with end-stage arthritis (bone-in-bone) can exercise safely and improve their outcomes. The research data is still insufficient, but suggests that they improve quadriceps strength before knee surgery and therefore support the knee joint after surgery. In 2013, a pilot preadaptation study in colorectal surgery showed that it improved postoperative functional recovery, measured in terms of walking ability at 4 weeks and 8 weeks (although hospitalization time and postoperative complications are similar) , is also contemplated for use in certain cardiovascular interventions, and may also be of some benefit for the prevention of pulmonary complications, such as pulmonary atelactase, in general surgery.

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