Pelvic lift

The pelvic lift (also known as pelvic tilt) is an exercise designed to strengthen the lower back, gluteal muscles, lower abdominal muscles and maintain hip muscle balance. It does not require weight, although they can be placed on the stomach.

There are four steps in the exercise.

The pelvic floor is a “broad band of muscles, ligaments, and leaf-like tissue that extends from the pubic bone in the front of your body to the base of your spine at the back.” . The pelvic floor is resistant to stretching and weight when bouncing. However, after having worn weight for long periods, it can stretch. In addition, the weight on the pelvic floor can weaken its resistance and contribute to its loss of shape over time. Performing this exercise regularly can strengthen the glutes, abdominals and lower back muscles. As a result, doctors may recommend pelvic lift to reduce lower back pain, improve posture, and improve bladder control.

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