November Project

The November Project is a free exercise group, open to the public, founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2011. The name “November Project” comes from the Google Doc that the founders shared to track their progress in November 2011. During the sessions occur all year, the name remained.

Founded by Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, both former members of the Northeastern crew, the group was created to continue training during the cold winter months of Boston. The pair made a pact to continue meeting at 6:30 every day during the month of November. Since this original promise, the group now has hundreds of members who train several times a week in several cities in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe. Membership is open and free for the general public. The group employs several recruitment strategies, including a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account, in addition to various media including Runner’s World, Boston Globe and NPR. The group has selected specific locations in the city of Boston (as well as immediate communities such as Brookline and Cambridge) for its workouts. Standard locations include Harvard Stadium for its stairs, and Corey Hill Outlook Park (also known as “Summit Ave.”) at Brookline. In December 2017, the group is located in 45 cities around the world.

, November Project was active in 47 cities around the world:

Over the years, November Project has worked with fitness brands including New Balance and The North Face.

In July 2013, New Balance launched an advertising campaign around the fitness group. The campaign was titled “Runnovation” and focused on the transition from a solitary sport race to a social and group activity. “This campaign builds on the strong foundation we have as a brand to drive and support innovation in the sport of racing,” said Hilary Keates, Director of Global Marketing and Brand Management at New Balance. The ads were placed in Men’s Journal, Outside Magazine, Running Times, “Women’s Race, Competition, Men’s Health and Women’s Health”.

As of March 31, 2015, The North Face and the November Project launched joint training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The events are organized under the name of Mountain Athletics and focus mainly on bodybuilding and fitness. The training sessions are held in five cities in the United States: San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Chicago and Boston.

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