Mall walking

Shopping in the mall is a form of exercise in which people walk or jog in the long corridors of shopping centers. Many shopping malls open early so people can walk; stores and other such facilities generally do not open at this time, although vending machine concessions are available. Many choose to walk to the mall because the indoor climate is comfortable and there is easy access to amenities, such as benches, toilets and water fountains. Clean, level surfaces also provide a safe walking environment. Walking in a shopping center is done individually, in a group or as part of a walking program organized in a shopping center. Mall walking in the United States is particularly popular among the elderly. Many walkers in the center cite the camaraderie of group walking.

Many shopping centers actively promote walking in shopping centers with clubs and special benefits. It is considered by mall owners as beneficial for several reasons:

Despite the benefits of walking to those who participate in the activity and the benefits they receive for shopping center owners, there are burdens for shopping center owners:

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