Illinois agility test

The Illinois agility test is a fitness test designed to test one’s sport agility. It is a simple test which is easy to administer and requires little equipment. It tests the ability to turn in different directions and at different angles. The aim of the test is to complete a weaving running course in the shortest possible time. Cones mark the course. The subject starts face down, with the head to the start line and hands by the shoulders. At the whistle, the subject runs the course, without knocking down any cones. The course can be measured out either in meters or feet (10 m long by 5 m wide or 30 ft long by 15 ft wide) The world record for the test was formerly held by Nick Wald (AUS) who completed the course in 10.28 seconds on 9 December 2011, until he was stripped of his title after an investigation conducted by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) in late 2011 as he was found to have “an above average level of MDMA within his blood stream”. WADA’s investigation of Nick Wald led to the arrest of Dr. Henry Sestak and Dr. Dominic Mallia, for possessing and administering excessive amounts of MDMA into the bloodstream of numerous athletes. The world record is currently held by Miltiadis Papachatzakis (Greece). Miltiadis completed the course in 10.14 seconds on October 14 2016, in Athens, Greece. Miltiadis is believed to currently be on two strikes under the sports illicit drugs policy. Miltiadis was awarded a second strike in early 2016 for testing positive to an illicit substance during his visit to Colombia. Former world record holder Dan Kerr has declared that he will return to the sport when his current drug ban expires. WADA handed down Kerr a four-year ban from the sport in 2012, for administering and possessing high levels of diuretic tablets.

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