Hunza diet

The Hunza diet consists of a series of selective food and drink intake by the Hunza people of northern Pakistan. The diet mostly consists of nuts, fruits and vegetables added with yogurt. The cooked meal, daal included with chappati, is included for dinner. It has also been advocated for being inexpensive and mostly self-productive.

The late Irish Dr Macarrison is believed to have traveled to British Raj and tested this diet in England. The results are claimed by the rats. In his book about the Hunza, Jay Hoffman argued that dogs and horses should be kept up to 120 to 150 years of age.

While the Hunza is cost-effective, it is also claimed to be low in calories. It is prepared by adding two cups of flour, one cup of wheat flour, one quarter cup of wheat germ, one pack of active dry yeast, one quarter pack of light or dark brown sugar, one teaspoon of organic honey, one teaspoon of salt In addition to one of these tunes, you will be able to get to the ground. Three quarters of the dried fruit must be added followed by a half cup of water. Two tablespoons of butter are also recommended.

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