Gospel Aerobics

Gospel Aerobics is a form of rhythmic aerobic exercise that uses gospel music, spiritual encouragement and motivation during the routine. The term ‘Gospel Aerobics’ and the specific concept are both designed by Hope Mason, based in Maryland, who was joined by her husband Marc Mason to make the production of the show ‘Gospel Aerobics’ a reality. The concept included the phrase “Aerobic Gospel – Adoring God with the Entire Man: Spirit, Soul and Body”, in order to affect the whole man. In 1996, public access to the now defunct Baltimore Cable Access Corporation (BCAC) in Baltimore City provided training on the Coppin State campus to those aspiring to produce television programs in the area. In 1996, the television program “Gospel Aerobics” was produced by the couple, who then won an award in 1997 for the pioneering effort that was broadcast on the BCAC for one season. It was the first of its kind. Now, aerobics gospel classes are now offered across the United States (https://www.hhs.gov/secretary/about/speeches/sp20110607.html) and abroad by licensed instructors in churches, video productions, local TV shows and fitness centers.

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