Erwan Le Corre

Erwan Le Corre, a French American born September 10, 1971, is the founder and innovator of a physical education and lifestyle system known as MovNat, which derives from the French words “mouvement naturel”.

Erwan Le Corre grew up in the French village of Étréchy, then in Épinay-sur-Orge, south of Paris. As a child, he spent his free time exploring and playing in the fields and woods around his village. At 18, Le Corre received a black belt in karate. From the age of 19, he took a parkour training for 7 years with the Parisian stuntman Don Jean Haberey. During this period, he also started to run barefoot. At the age of 27, he began a training period that included sailing, Olympic weightlifting, rock climbing, long distance triathlon, trail running and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

In 2004, Erwan Le Corre began studying the physical training method of French naval officer Georges Hébert. The training developed by Hébert is called the “natural method”. In 2008, Corre officially began its physical education system and lifestyle known as MovNat and began teaching it in weekend workshops and week-long retreats in the open air. In the 2010s, Le Corre was based near Santa Fe, New Mexico. He publishes his first book entitled The Practice of Natural Movement: Recovering Power, Health and Freedom.

According to Le Corre, MovNat is “a school of physical competence based entirely on the natural movement, which includes the locomotor skills of walking, running, balancing, crawling, jumping, climbing and swimming, manipulative skills of lifting, carrying, throwing and catching, and the defensive techniques of hitting and scrambling [and that the most important principles of natural movement are practicability and adaptability. “Regarding the difference between Hébert’s natural method and Le Corre’s MovNat, Le Corre said that” the main difference lies in the coaching system, which has been updated, more elaborate and effective in MovNat …. MovNat’s philosophy is formulated to better adapt to today by using modern forms of communication, for example video and Internet. “

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