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EPODE International Network (EIN) is a not for profit, non-governmental organisation that seeks to support childhood obesity-prevention programmes across the world, via best practice sharing and capacity building. The name EPODE comes from ‘Ensemble Prévenons l’ObésitéDes Enfants’ ”’Together Let’s Prevent Childhood Obesity”’ The EPODE International Network (EIN), is a Nonprofit organization, and is a contribution to the response to the need and demand from the global community in the fight against childhood obesity and Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), through sustainable and large-sale Community Based Programmes (CBPs) for childhood obesity prevention. In light of the encouraging experiences and results of the EPODE methodology (Towns in Belgium that implemented the program saw a 22 per cent decrease in overweight children ), the EPODE International Network, was created in 2011 as a response to the global demand for action concerning the increasing international prevalence of overweight and obesity and the related non-communicable diseases. The EPODE International Network works to promote and enhance the global movement to prevent childhood obesity by supporting Community Based Programmes (CBPs) for childhood obesity prevention through sustainable and large-sale strategies that mobilise a multi-stakeholder dynamic.

The EPODE International Network is an NGO, a network of community-based and school-based childhood obesity-prevention programmes as well as healthy active initiatives aimed at preventing childhood adiposity & overweight in children. This NGO facilitates the sharing of experiences, best practices and tools at the global level for continuous improvement and strengthening of its members. EIN also endeavours to ensure the sustainability of CBPs, SBPs & HAIs over time, contributing to the global movement to reduce and prevent childhood overweight and obesity. The network is coordinated by a dedicated unit and is supported by 3 platforms gathering a broad diversity of actors:

EPODE International Network’s overall objective is to build international capacity and capability for multi-partner community-based childhood obesity-prevention programmes (CBPs) in countries by:

In order to support its member childhood obesity-prevention programmes, the EIN organises regional and global meetings in order to facilitate best practice sharing and hold capacity building workshops, specific to the needs of its members. The EIN Scientific Advisory Board is also active in providing key support to members of the network in numerous ways and notably providing valuable evaluation support and assisting programme members with the publication of their results. Some activities include attempts to curb fast-food outlets near schools. In France, Fleurbaix-Laventie Ville Santé (FLVS), a food and nutrition project, were taken up by 10 mid-sized French towns as part of a wider pilot scheme, EPODE, aimed at preventing obesity among five to 12-year-olds.

The following countries around the world are members of the EPODE International Network:

The EIN Ministers’ Club facilitates personal relationships between elected representatives from EPODE Programmes and existing community-based programmes from international regions or countries interested in developing obesity-prevention strategies. Members of the Ministers’ Club includes elected representatives such as ministers and secretaries (health, sports, urbanism, education, agriculture…), members of parliaments, governors, and mayors of cities involved in community-based childhood obesity-prevention programs.

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