Endurance (also related to, resilience, and hardiness) is the ability of an organism to exercise and stay active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, resist, recover, and have the ability to resist. immunity to trauma. , injury or fatigue. It is generally used in aerobic or anaerobic exercises. The definition of “long” varies depending on the type of effort – minutes for high intensity anaerobic exercise, hours or days for low intensity aerobic exercise. Training for endurance may reduce the ability to exert endurance unless an individual also engages in resistance training to counteract this effect. When a person is able to accomplish or endure an effort greater than his or her initial abilities, their endurance increases which, for many staff, indicates progress. By seeking to improve their endurance, they can slowly increase the amount of repetition or time spent, if higher repetitions are taken quickly, muscle strength improves while less endurance is gained. Increasing stamina has been proven to release endorphins resulting in a positive spirit. It has been shown that gaining endurance through physical activity decreases anxiety, depression and stress, or any chronic illness in total. Although greater endurance can help the cardiovascular system, this does not imply that any improvement in cardiovascular disease can be guaranteed. “The main metabolic consequences of muscle adaptations to endurance exercise are slower use of muscle glycogen and blood glucose, greater dependence on fat oxidation, and decreased lactate production during exercise. of a given intensity. ” The term endurance is sometimes used synonymously and interchangeably with endurance. In military contexts, endurance is considered as the ability of a force to maintain high levels of combat potential relative to its adversary for the duration of a campaign. Endurance can also refer to an ability to continue through a difficult situation involving hardship, stress, etc. (see patience)

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