Continuous training

Continuous training, also known as continuous exercise, is any type of physical training that involves activity without rest intervals. Continuous training can be performed at low, moderate or high exercise intensities, and is often contrasted with interval training, often referred to as high intensity interval training. Some training schemes, such as Fartlek, combine continuous and interval approaches. Exercise modes indicated as appropriate for continuous training include indoor and outdoor cycling, jogging, running, walking, rowing, climbing, simulated climbing, Nordic skiing, elliptical training , aerobics, aerobics, hiking, rollerblading, jumping rope, swimming and water aerobics.

As the examples below illustrate, the intensity of exercise is measured in different ways and is defined inconsistently between studies. Forms of continuous exercise can be performed at multiple intensities for different health benefits; for example, long slow distance training can be performed at low or moderate intensities.

Examples of low intensity continuous exercise protocols: * 30% of peak power for 60 minutes (cycling and football).

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