Aviva method

The Aviva method is a physical exercise system that claims to stimulate related glands for optimal secretion of reproductive hormone. The name of the method is given by its developer, Aviva Gabriella Steiner, an Israeli ballet dancer of Hungarian origin and a teacher of physical education. The Aviva method is a registered trademark within the European Union: it can not be used without the approval of the Aviva Foundation. The registration of the mark can be found on the website of the European Union Intellectual Property Office: https://www.oami.europa.eu/eSearch/#basic/1+1+1+ 1/50 + 50 + 50 + 50 / Aviva% 20Method

Teachers of the Aviva method claim to have good results with a loose pelvic floor, incontinence, PCOS, an irregular menstrual cycle and menstrual problems, fertility.

The AVIVA method was developed by the Israeli horticultural AVIVA Gabriella Steiner after 28 years of research and experimentation. She was raised by parents who, in sports, taught her to rely on the curative effect of physical movement in case of health problems. She has always believed that since we can control the movement of the intestines and the release of urine, it is possible to control the female periodic cycle. She learned about the movements as a student of world-renowned Israeli ballet dancer Gertrud Kraus, then ballerina at the Tel Aviv Opera House, and as a physiotherapist at the Medical University and Hadassah University Clinic. . Finally, between 1966 and 69 when teaching gymnastic exercises and restoring health for 40-plus women, she managed to find the key to her exercise system. The discovery occurred when his exercises resulted in even menstruation for those in the group who thought about going through menopause. Gabriella Steiner then crystallized her technique until she and the practitioner could achieve these results consistently, and she constructed a series of 18-step-like exercises. Toma Ŝik, an Israeli pacifist, released the method from Israel around 1997. Later, one of Aviva’s students Gabriella Steiner, a Hungarian yoga instructor and physical education teacher, Livia Toth combined the method with the diet food and achieved good results. . Based on the Aviva method Adelheid Ohlig developed Luna Yoga.

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