Aerobics Oz Style

Aerobics Oz Style is an Australian television series of aerobic exercise, aired in Australia on weekends, then on Network Ten at 6:00 am and 6:30 am and distributed in many other countries. It was canceled by Channel Ten at the end of 2005. AOS continues to be broadcast on Australian television via AURORA Channel 183 – on Foxtel Digital, Optus and Austar platforms – which broadcasts Aerobics Oz Style every day. 06:30 and 14:00 AEST. In Europe Aerobics Oz Style is broadcast daily (weekends included) on Sky Sports 1 or Sky Sports 2 at 6:00 (GMT) and it is repeated daily on Sky Sports 3 or Sky Sports 4 at 11:30 and 16:30. In 2011, Sky Sports began broadcasting additional shows of the show. The program is now broadcast in the early hours of the morning, from 00:30 (GMT). The series began in 1982 and continued until 2005, with more than 4,500 episodes produced by the production company Zero1Zero (now Silk Studios). The format remained constant throughout his race. Each broadcast lasted 30 minutes divided into four segments, one of warming exercises, two main exercise segments and a stretching / cooling segment. An instructor leads the exercises, with four demonstrators on the side and behind. Subsequent exhibitions were shot outside in scenic locations around Sydney, in previous shows an indoor studio was used. Each show had an exercise theme. The main pillars since its creation included high and low legs, abdominals and tonic muscles. Other themes later included kick-boxing, low impact with a mix of Latin dance and pilates. Older styles included light weights and dynabands.

The fashion of the exercise clothes moved with time, the leotards on the bicycle shorts at the beginning gave way to tight tops and shorts. A series of Aerobics Oz Style exercise videos are sold in a longer format than the broadcast shows, and include some exercise styles that are not presented otherwise, such as Swiss ball. These videos included music that remained unique and distinct from the TV show. The instructors and protesters on the show were a mix of men and women. The show was meant for any age or genre. Many children watched the series inadvertently as they turned on their TVs too early for the popular Cheez TV children’s series that followed. The Australian band TISM has parodied Aerobics Oz Style in their clip of “Whatareya?” In 1998, in which all members start by following the instructor before drinking (and throwing) cans of beer and jumping over sofas. In 1998, U NO HU, a British composer duo composed of Gary Williams and Philip Barber, was invited to write a mix of more than three hundred instrumental dance tracks and relaxation tracks specifically designed for TV shows and videos. exercises. The new, uplifting music, presented more than 1,500 times later, has increased audience ratings by 20% – on BSkyB networks – adding to the already established popularity of the program.

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