A Dharna is a non-violent sit-in protest, which may include a lot of work. , in India, a way of obtaining compliance with a claim for justice, or a payment of a debt. Mahatma Gandhi’s satyagraha form of civil disobedience and protest. In India, there is a place for conducting Dharna, and a permission is required for it. Often, those practicing dharna break leading permission to clash with law enforcement. Dharnah refers to fixing one’s mind on an object. It refers to whole-heartedly pledging to an outcome or to inculcating a directed attitude. Dharna is consciously and diligently holding a point of view. The word originates from the Sanskrit word dharnam. In Pakistan, the term was first used in 1958 by Abdul Qayyum Khan against the Prime Minister Feroze Khan’s administration to remove his President Iskander Mirza but its effective use was made by Naeem Siddiqui Ahmed and Jammat e Islami organized in Pakistan in 1993, Imran Khan, Dr. Tahir ul Qadri and other political and religious leaders are now attempting to use this strategy for their purposes.

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